Velma Erin R - Livid Expression - LaKeshia Stigall

Livid Expression by LaKeshia Stigall

Mercy Peppers Book - Livid Expression - LaKeshia Stigall

I am excited to introduce Livid Expression, by LaKeshia Stigall photographer extraordinaire, Keshia is capable of makeup, design, lighting, costumes, and so much more. She has a keen eye and refined talent. I am very honored to demonstrate some of my favorite photos of Livid Expression here today.

Lily - Livid Expression - LaKeshia Stigall

The work done by Livid Expression, by LaKeshia Stigall exceeds the ordinary; her subjects reflect a certain mystique captured by an experienced eye. She uses local settings to create a far-away look achieved by raw  talent and pursual of such a gift.

Antonio Leopaldo-Elton Williams - Livid Expression - LaKeshia Stigall

Be yourself. Be a cartoon character come to life. Whatever! When you are a subject for Livid Expression, by LaKeshia Stigall, your wildest dreams become a moment captured by lens.  Keshia allows and achieves creative expression to the extreme.

Velma Erin R - Livid Expression - LaKeshia Stigall

You can like Livid Expression, by LaKeshia on Facebook! Perhaps, some day soon, I will find myself as one of the subjects for the talents Keshia. Until then, I’ll just admire her work. Cheers, all!

Juliameera Bridal - Livid Expression - LaKeshia Stigall

5 thoughts on “Livid Expression by LaKeshia Stigall”

    1. Thank you! I had the honor of this photographer attending the MI Life Book 1 Release Party last night; she is fabulous! Tomorrow, we’re off to the nature to capture some images together. Such bliss!

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