Olde Town Cafe | Lockport Illinois

As an independent author, part of my job description is to wander around: meeting new people, living grand adventures- something worthy of reminding me to put pen to paper and ink to the internet.

Today I’d like to make mention of one of my favorite local hot spots for writing, proof-reading, and enjoying a cup of hot beverage, a cookie, or sandwich / soup combo:

Olde Town Cafe

The proprietors of the Olde Town Cafe are simply charming, warm, and inviting. They offer a sanctuary in cold times, providing more than teas and coffees, and everything at an affordable price range. More so, they lend an ear and consolation when times prove difficult upon the entering souls who frequent their shop.

A real family-oriented establishment, the owners and I have contemplated starting a mental-health awareness and support group; we’re still tossing around the idea, yet look forward to hearing more on this subject in the future.

Located in the heart of Historic Downtown City of Lockport, Olde Town Cafe offers charming appeal from curb to counter; whether visiting solo to claim one of the comfy arm chairs, or bringing along a herd of post-production thesbians for an after-party, everyone who steps foot inside seems to enjoy themselves thoroughly.

Check them out on facebook, and for golly goodness’ sake, if you’re very in Lockport, visit them!