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Help Me Eradicate a Mistake

Let’s all face it. I’ve got the Bipolar. When I’m ill, I’m mostly a manic person and flare ups act like windstorms ravaging my life like a stack of newspapers on the sidewalk.

Last Summer was hard. Manic episodes, rash decisions, bad decisions, worst decision. I’ve resolved most issues in the past few months, yet there is one wretched mistake lingering over my head.

My facebook author page.

The url or link to my page is terribly, terribly long, and contains four of my names, two of which I no longer claim due to matrimony.

Under the terms of facebook, I can only change my url or link once I reach 200 hundred likes; I am currently only eight likes away at 192.

Today, I ask for your help.

Like my author page so that I may eradicate a mistake from the past:
Author Miranda Innaimo

UGH! Look at that link… hangs head

Thanks again pals! Only eight more to go!