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Livid Expression by LaKeshia Stigall

I am excited to introduce Livid Expression, by LaKeshia Stigall photographer extraordinaire, Keshia is capable of makeup, design, lighting, costumes, and so much more. She has a keen eye and refined talent. I am very honored to demonstrate some of my favorite photos of Livid Expression here today.

Lily – Livid Expression – LaKeshia Stigall

The work done by Livid Expression, by LaKeshia Stigall exceeds the ordinary; her subjects reflect a certain mystique captured by an experienced eye. She uses local settings to create a far-away look achieved by raw talent and pursual of such a gift.

Antonio Leopaldo-Elton Williams – Livid Expression – LaKeshia Stigall

Be yourself. Be a cartoon character come to life. Whatever! When you are a subject for Livid Expression, by LaKeshia Stigall, your wildest dreams become a moment captured by lens. Keshia allows and achieves creative expression to the extreme.

Velma Erin R – Livid Expression – LaKeshia Stigall

You can like Livid Expression, by LaKeshia on Facebook! Perhaps, some day soon, I will find myself as one of the subjects for the talents Keshia. Until then, I’ll just admire her work. Cheers, all!

Juliameera Bridal – Livid Expression – LaKeshia Stigall
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Author Miranda Innaimo

The Second Chance Thrift Shoppe of the Historic Downtown Village of Lemont, Illinois is one of my most favorite places to thrift. According to their facebook, Second Chance donates all proceeds toward the residential and vocational services for adults with developmental disabilities at the Garden Center Services facility. To me, this is incredible, considering their supply and turnover rate.

From the outside, Second Chance looks like a quaint little store; but step inside a moment or fourty and you’ve hit the best shoppe for thrifting that I’ve ever experienced in my life (and this is from someone who purchasedt her first banana yellow salsa skirt in Miami at sixteen, and still thought a Target-brand sweater was cool in Port Huron at twenty-seven; also, please don’t get me started on the notion that is Chicago city thrifting throughout the years).

It has recently become a tradition that my dear friend and shoppe volunteer. Vicky T. snaps a picture of me wearing one of my most recent outfits from the Second Chance. What you see here today are two such photos (Thank you Vicky)!

This week, I present just two pictures: one, my childhood-dream-come-true ensemble of appearing like Alice stepped through the Looking Glass to arrive into my very own Mangono: check out the full spread here:

Runyon Park | MI Mangono | Photography

The second photo should be accompanied by about eight more pictures, considering the haul my darling friend Sarah and I picked up yesterday before frequenting the Village Farmer’s Market.

Sarah is one of my most darling girl friends: her family and her soul are brilliant and beautiful. Don’t take my word for it though; check out her guest blog post here:

Go Grow with Me | Sarah Mech | Photography

If you ever find yourself in Lemont, Illinois, do travel off the beaten path and lose yourself in our Historic Downtown Village, I highly recommend visiting the Second Chance Thrift Shoppe. It is amazing, truly.

Have a lovely day, and happy thrifting!

Second Chance Thrift Shoppe
44 Stephen St
Lemont, Illinois 60439
Donation Accepted M-F 10:00am – 3:30 pm
Phone (630) 243-1279

Portrait Session | Throwback | Photography by Julie Hermes

Back in the spring of 2013, my husband, our new fur-babies, and I enjoyed a spectacular photography session with the talented photographer, Julie Hermes. This throwback post includes photos not yet seen on this blog.






Find more of the exquisite work by Julie Hermes on Facebook.

Or visit her website

Beautifully Flaw3d | Charlotte

We ladies of Beautifully Flawed are coming together, taking glamour shots, and telling the story of our personal battles with self-image in a society which would call us flawed by its standards.

A book will be published as the end result.

This crowdfunded event is something I think may intrigue you.

Livid Expression by LaKeshia Stigall is both project developer and photographer.

I believe sincerely you would benefit from this project greatly. Allow us to tell our stories, feel lovely, and let all those pains from the past have a beautiful purpose that could potentially inspire others.

A project to support positive and healthy body image and mind.

A project to help other realize their own value and beauty.