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Poetry Challenge | 12/100 Proof I Will Be

Show me the proof in real time, moments surpassing sublime stanzas; each instance a crescendo: musical magnificence allowing growth capture the lesson, endure the while -ensuring the song will never cease but bloom — BOOM!– by proceeding every mile crossed valiantly. Proof, I will be, the mark of my life: a living testimony of battles and blossoms to tune, celebrating eternal verses: come glory, ensue!

This is 12/100 poetry challenge.

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Poetry Challenge | 8/100 Combat Within

The battle abroad
amidst the combat within:
fighting airs and errors,
and arrows of fiery whims,
like the murky death of
life uncontended; taking
no stance, a cause
worthy of defending.

Nay! Endure the war,
understand thine arms,
move forward and sound
the alarm; give notice
-what realms bursting
upon us?- spirits unleashed,
admonish! command them,
bind them, bond for service:
finish the story, and
onwards to glory.

Poetry Challenge | 11/100 Bravo, Brava

they say
to the gentleman
whom loves his wife-
his genuine nature
toward her; a powerful
exterior, preserving
against the world
-speaks fondly
of her
to his fellows,
lifting her name
in praise of
they say
to the goodly lady
whom respects her husband-
her honest nature
toward him; a passionate
exterior, conserving home
in the world
-speaks fondly
of him
to her family,
and lifts his name
in grace of
true devotion.

Poetry Challenge | 13/100 As Time

As time ticks down

how to appeal?

To take every moment?

Alas, it loses zeal.

Not knowing the future,

yet certain of the end:

it’s the beginning

of asking

how to appeal

as time ticks down.

As time ticks down

what will reveal?

To own every moment?

It has a good appeal.

Still wanting the future,

certain beyond the end;

it’s the beginning

of enjoying

what will reveal.

as time ticks down.

This is 13/100 poetry challenge.

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