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When the boys were just five weeks old- still in need of milk formula and bottle feeding- we rescued them from the alley life. While the two, palm-sized baby boys were exactly the same age, miraculously, they were not from the same litter; my husband and I had seen their two separate clans- the tabbies long-bodied and golden, and the oreos squat and broad- wandering around our historic neighborhood, behind shops and within alleys.


Mother’s Day 2013 ©Miranda Innaimo

I became a nurturing kitty mama. As I worked from home as an Independent Author I was able to monitor their growth full time.

Their names- solely decided at first by me- were Nikotemo (the golden one) and Ennio (the B&W), but those names didn’t stick. So my husband and I decided together…

6 weeks

6 weeks ©Miranda Innaimo

Rico (front) and Charlie (back).

These two boys were brought into our lives after prayers and hopes had been put forth for months and months, waiting for just the right pair. We had always wanted two boy kittens so we could raise them together. My husband and I firmly believe all animals need a companion, else they suffer during their isolated lifetime. So our boys became our family, and we were blessed.

Snuggle 2

Snuggle 1 ©Miranda Innaimo


Snuggle 2 ©Miranda Innaimo

Baby Charlie

Baby Charlie ©Miranda Innaimo

Baby Rico

Baby Rico ©Miranda Innaimo

Baby Rico 2

Baby Rico 2 ©Miranda Innaimo

Growth Sleep

Growth Sleep ©Miranda Innaimo

Watching our Rico and Charlie grow up has been a wonderful journey. Since the very beginning, those two have cared for each other as true brothers.

Rico Windowsill

©Miranda Innaimo

Charlie Coffee Table

©Miranda Innaimo

Three Sleepers

Three Sleepers ©Miranda Innaimo

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