Mangono Query Letter: Continuity Coach

Hullo there. My name is Miranda Innaimo, and I am an independent author. For the past year, I’ve been working diligently on a fiction novel called MANGONO (“man-gone-no”) and I’ve reached the point where I need some assistance; I am looking for someone to sit down with me and discuss the work I’ve accomplished thus far:

– Prologue

– Chapter One: Manaia

– Chapter Two: Kerisiano

– Chapter Three: Teuila

And much more (but let’s not get ahead of ourselves)!

I have found myself in recent days at a stand still and in need of someone to help guide me towards a more cohesive story: I need a knowledgeable beta reader, a grammar guru, a continuity coach (one who is willing to help manifest a self-published novel by an exponentially evolving indie author).

The theme of the novel is of spiritual matters; by writing, I am allowed upon a fictional island of my own creation- Mangono- to interact with a plethora of imaginative characters- the Seven Moon Twenty; unfurling through motif my belief system (in all of its potential to assure others [and myself] of the great GOD who made us) and an inexplicable love of vernacular and the writing/reading process (a gift of love from said GOD of all existence).

I hope there is one out there (perhaps YOU?), nearby, willing to take up the task of assisting another’s passion; to see the a kindred soul succeed in their aspirations; to increase inertia towards a ultimate destination- for the journey aheads calls to one, many; to see that together, we prosper in learning by uniting: exuberant, and joyful, and glad in knowing that a difference was made because, “I took the time (and effort) to care.”

Are you that person?

Can you help me?

Comment below.

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