Remarkable Inquiry | short story

The question proposed to me was like the diamond on my hand; taken with a blush and a gasp, extended towards me with vigorous love. I knew nothing else for a moment, but the sheer brilliance of glimmering promises.

To answer, I was mute; ideas flourished, abounded so greatly, no one particular statement offered assurance by voice; my heart enraptured, traded on a string, a chord binding our agreement; tied so tightly no unraveling could achieve our demise. We were blissfully bound, tangled together; achieving the subtle satisfaction capable of completing my response.

When silence gave way to sing-song reply, I knew- with certain caliber of comfort- my life would never be the same. The remarkable inquiry managed to shake me like an earthquake; my perspective as an environment shifting, the map rearranging, my path forward veering now toward profound destiny.

If I could carry such concern- amounting to greater value than gemstones or metal-our love would surely sustain: encountering adventure, our mutual respect maintained by valiant struggle: we could conquer the sequence of life, overcoming any obstacle endured.

“Will you marry me?” he asked.

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